Gourmet Cupcakes for the Carolinas

sweet thang cupcakes

aBOUT OUR Baker  Samantha Carnahan

Samantha Carnahan was born and raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Candler, NC. She spent many years cultivating her love of the culinary arts. Her grandmother, Bessie,  is her inspiration for Sweet Thang and the traditional taste and love that goes into every cupcake is evident at first bite.

Sweet Thang Cupcakes is an online bakery located in Fletcher, NC. We specialize in custom order cupcakes. In addition to customized cupcakes, we also create giant cupcakes and old-fashioned cakes. 

Have a look through the menu and see what you like! Whether you want cupcakes for a birthday party for 2, a wedding for 200, or just because you have a craving for cake- we have something for you! 

Every day alive is an excuse to eat a cupcake!

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